Tree Radio

(by Matěj Kundrát, Malte Blaha, Matěj Fonš, Torsten Schmidt)

Let us go for a walk, I bet you, not the usual walk you would expect. The walk through the sounds of Olomouc. Enter the cave of emotions, feelings, and shadows, and feel the energy that flows through your body. Encounter the buzzing wildlife and its zapping electrical imitation. Listen to the whispers in the dark and the echoes of the unseen and do not be afraid to lose yourself in the magical atmosphere. If you listen closely enough, you might catch the trees whispering, imitating us. Let the steps carry you away in the world of the unknown and uncontrollable. Face a path that you have never stepped on before. Tree Radio—the reverberations of four people exploring the inner self through natural atmospheric sounds captured in a vibrant but unseeming town. Tune in to the Tree Radio and experience the exact same ambiguous excitement the authors felt when suddenly disturbed by an eerie PA broadcast, while recording the sounds of a bees' nest. The sounds that so eerily mirrored the electronic buzzing of machinery, hidden, yet rendered audible through the conversion of electromagnetic waves. One cannot trust themselves to be truly able to differentiate those without a complete lack of visual cues.

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