Soundscape Project

(by Maria Alighourchi & Alica Sänger & Hana Mathonova & Anna Netusilova)

Our group aimed to explore Smetanovy Sady Park by capturing the diverse array of sounds enveloping us. Our objective was to observe and analyze the multitude of inputs present in the park's auditory landscape. Initially, the park appeared to be immersed in the harmonious blend of nature and human activity, as it serves as a haven for those seeking respite from the bustling city. Yet, within this serene refuge, traces of human intervention reminded us that it too is an integral part of the constructed urban landscape. With this in mind, our auditory journey revealed an interplay between the tranquility of nature and the intrusion of modern elements. The lively hum of bees intertwined with the electric whir of scooters, while the joyous laughter of children coexisted with the cacophony of traffic and blaring ambulance sirens. This exploration revealed a dynamic tapestry of sounds which coexist within the seemingly peaceful confines of a park, providing a unique perspective on the intricate symphony of an urban auditory landscape.


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