Circle of Life

Circle of Life 

(by Ourania Xanthi & Amina Ahmetovic)

Circle of Life Soundscape from Ourania X. on Vimeo.


We embarked on our acoustic journey by recording multiple sounds that piqued our interest. Roaming through the majestic city of Olomouc on a sunny day, we immersed ourselves in the exploration of its diverse acoustic landscape. While wandering around the different locations we captured the sounds and the rhythms that give Olomouc its unique character. So, after our recording adventure we engaged in a reflective listening session, contemplating the captured sounds, and trying to figure out our topic and the narrative behind it. And that is how ‘the circle of life’ was born!

The sounds we captured represent various instances and occasions in our daily lives. Examples include the ambient sounds of the coffee shop, the operation of a coffee machine, the clinking of a teacup and spoon, the passing train, as well as the sounds within a supermarket. These auditory elements are connected with repetition and routine, constituting a cyclical pattern intertwined with our existence. We edited the sounds by categorizing and linking them in order to make smooth transitions, ensuring a harmonious flow within the acoustic composition. Just as life has got its highs and lows, our auditory journey incorporates both serene and intense sounds.

It is like capturing the beginning, the end and all the moments in-between – akin to the incredible journey of life

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