January Final Theory into Practice

(by Kateřina Andrýsková & Hana Patočková & Pia Erbay)

For best experience it is suggested that the audience listen to the audio before reading any further.


Our audio project, with a final runtime of ca nine and a half minutes, is comprised of three sections, meant to contrast the effects of each one against the others. 

Beginning with unprocessed and raw sounds, alternating between nature and human-made, are set up with no transitions or technical meddling from our side, leaving them in their original form as a constantly contrasting force of nature vs human. The majority time spent on this first section is meant to set up the idea of a difference and similarity in origin, as well as confuse the audience on some level, lacking in explanation as they are meant to be, before fading into the interlude section of a human heartbeat, which is meant to provide a break of sorts, allowing the audience to fade into their own connection with the soundscape. 

The third section combines the same raw audio as the first, but instead of a jarring contrast, each sound and detail is meant to almost harmonise with the rest, underlaid by the same connecting heartbeat of the interlude. These last minutes of varying sensory stimulants come together as a harmony of sorts, ignoring the rules of music as they are. By weaving previously chaotic and discordant sounds together, we introduce what was previously missing – a sense of narrative that our minds are subconsciously searching for, open to interpretation as the audience is meant to do what humans do best and let their mind wander. 

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