A Day in the life of an Olomouc Student

(by Selin Lewandovski & Lydia Khondoker & Sandra Polzerova & Věra Ocisková)

The audio we created was supposed to capture a day in the life of an Olomouc student. From waking up in the dorms to going through the park to arriving at uni. A typical day includes taking a seminar, studying in the library to going out after with some friends. 

Additionally, we tried to not only capture the fun parts of the day, like taking a shower with your favorite song in the background or listening to some ABBA, before meeting friends for coffee, but to highlight the negative as well. Living in a shared dorm proves some challenges for most. Having a roommate who ignores her alarm simultaneously means you now have to enjoy an ongoing alarm for the rest of your morning routine. 

The quietness of the library and the books being opened and closed show the contrast in sounds experienced on the daily. 

All in all, we wanted to make a sound sequence out of things everyone could and would recognize.


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