No Purposes

 No Purposes 

(by Aykut Kutucu)

This soundscape is a pure result of unintentionality. 

In the midst of an unknown city teeming with things to be discovered, I would not enjoy my time had I focused too much on the project. I was craving for connections. 

The first night in Olomouc, I left my room without a plan, walked randomly, heard some music from a distance, decided to follow, got lost, got found, ended up with amazing people in an amazing bar. After that point, I let things go randomly. 

After I figured out how to use the tools, I realised two things: 

I do not want to record 'clean sounds' and connect them later using a software. 

I do not want to separate my time between recording and seeing the city, and connect them later using my memory. 

So I lived as if it was a regular day and put the recording device in my pocket, almost always recording. Most of the time I forgot I was recording. Sometimes I left the recorder on a corner in a bar and just socialized. A regular day for me is spent 65% in a bar.

I recorded much more than I could listen. I had to skim through the recordings and find a way to work with the material I had. Thankfully, spending each night in at least five different bars paid off.

The soundscape consists of recordings from bars or streets of Olomouc. Three bars stood out the most: 

1. Ponorka

2. Citadel

3. The Lower Deck

I wanted to connect different recordings, therefore different bars, in a way that it replicated my

movements in the city: Walking randomly and trying to find the right frequency.

Because of the randomness and unintentionality of it, I believe the sounds are more natural and disorderly. Nothing is done with a purpose as creating with a purpose is the acceptance of the imitation of reality. Without a purpose, there cannot be imitation.



Shut the fuck up! Shut the fuck up!

What”s happening? 

Why am I so drunk? 

What are you doing here? 

What time do we have? 

I wake up like a Disney Princess in the morning. 

I’m… I’m just very high maintenance like every Disney Princess.

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